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L.I. Mom of 2

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I am a: 66-year-old leisurely camper
Location: "Lawn Guy Land", NY
Occupation: secretary


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I've been camping for 40 years (since my teens,) and I am now a "Princess Camper:" pop-up bed with air mattress; battery-operated lanterns in each tent; "kitchen unit" stands for my cookstove and tabletop BBQ; a screenhouse for the picnic table, and pop-ups over the camping chairs in case of rain; one tent for pre-teenaged boys, another for hubby and me :-), tall enough to stand up in!; no fancy meals (cereal, sandwiches, hot dogs/burgers/sausages/potato chips, "soda/water/Capri Sun's in the cooler: knock yourselves out and stay hydrated!";) no tight schedules: most of the time, the boys just ride bikes around the campground, making new friends at the playground, and they play DS3's only at bedtime!  Converted 2 other families to camping by taking their sons with us.  You meet a different class of people camping: more family-oriented and connected with their kids.  Even though I don't run into too many other Black people camping, maybe Oprah's episodes about her camping trip will change that! :-)  But, I don't care: good/fun people are hard to find, of any race. 

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user rating: 1 of 5 Ozark Trail Fluorescent Camping Lantern 11/12/2011