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I am a: powder snowboarder
Occupation: Remote Sensing GIS specialist


Backcountry skiing
Rock climbing
Street Luge
Long Board Skating
and freestyle skate boarding
Kite Boarding
Surfing. Spelunking


Weight162-165 Lb
Boot/Shoe Size8.5
Jacket/Shirt SizeL for jacket M For Shirt
Pant Size32X32

Scott McClarin grew up in Northern Utah snowboarding since 1988, and enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and rock climbing.

His views and opinions come from extensive outdoor testing as a Winterstick snowboard factory team member and product R&D specialist / test rider in UTAH from 1994-2001, as well as his active outdoor life that sometimes has few boundarys (compeditive spearfishing 3 years, and Street Luge, as well as Spelunking, and rock climbing, and Kite Boarding 2 years, ect).

Scott has skateboarded from 9 years old and first rode a snowboard and was hooked in 1988 and since has had seasons riding passes at Powder mountain, Brighton, Canyons (wolfe MOuntain), and Snow bird from 1990-2001 (total riding time 21 years 14 of which are full seasons) though he has also ridden Big Sky, Jackson Hole, Niseko Japan, and Val Thorens in the French alps.

Despite traveling and living abroad (Holland, Northern Marianas Islands) and recently moving back to Utah November 2009, Scott still snowboards full seasons and hikes Wasatch backcountry in the winter.

This winter Scott will spend a full season riding at Snow Basin 45 minutes drive north of SLC because it is the Solitude/Snowbird of the north with 1/2 the crowd and roughly the vertical descent as Snowbird at 2,900 ft. The limitless powder can be available all day like at Powder Mountain.

If your winter life revolves around the deepest, freshest and longest rideable powder (Because that is reason I left a sunny tropical island after three years of happy living to live in UTAH after hearing about the 700 anual inches from the 08 season), then you should consider at least two of the northern resorts seriously!SnowBasin is one out of three on the must do list. the other two are Powdermountain and Solitude. every other resort has too many people tracking out the goods by 10 AM unless you are hiking Wolverine cirque above brighton, or cardiack pass and Lightening ridge line across from Snowbird near Superrior peak.

Dont get me wrong a snowbird first tram 3ft powder ride on a swallowtail is something I will tell my grandkids about, but, traversing the cirque with 123 powder fiends who look at you as a potential speed bump on their way to glory, or the actual brief glory itself which lasted barely 1 hour. :( just think about that everything in your riding life culminating for 1 hour of grandure per year, or several full powder days at a northern mountain.) "ride smarter not harder" is my evolving mantra after livingn and riding in Utah most of my life.

you can ride all three resorts from my pick list on a freshy day nearly all day before it begins to look tracked out. ranked in order of time it takes to track out a resort from longest shortest are 1) Powder mountain {sometimes 2-3 straight days of non stop POW action (up to 4 if you know the area well) can be had here} 2) Snow Basin you can easily ride a full leg aching powder day and simetimes 2-3 if you know the area well. and 3) Solitude. expect 4 solid hours of fresh before it begins to track out around 1-2PM A solid rider can find fun till the next day easily enough.

Hiking backcountry Is one of my all time favorites, I recommend Wasatch exploration to anyone interested in foot powered pursuits if you remember to always have a partner, be familiar with current weather patterns, and use radio beacons effectively. But dont expect me to spill the beans on every place I have ever been to. But I will say the name Cardiac ridge is aptly named, because you will amp out your beating heart up to 180BPM or higher to run circuits before noon! if skiing or splitting skins are a must, otherwise Verts sowshoes rule it!

thanks for reading.

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