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I am a: hiker
Location: Edmonton, AB
Occupation: Semi-Retired Marketing Consultant




Torso Length18-19"
Boot/Shoe Size11.5 5E
Jacket/Shirt Size48
Pant Size38

I am semi-retired now, and work part time to fill my time, and use the rest of my time to work on small projects related to film, writing, or advertising, and also Marketing Consulting, now and again. My degree is a double major in Psychology and Economics, with a minor in Music, but as I 'll say again later, I don't know everything.

I am a beginner outdoors type. I have hiked for years, but only this  summer (2016), began learning about and trying to carry a pack outside the city, and camp. I hope to do the Skyline Trail near Jasper, AB Canada, late this season, or next fall, and hope to do a few smaller trips before that.  I have been gathering equipment and practicing with it in town or near town, but can use any tips others can suggest, or pointers on what to read to help me prepare for small overnight trips or 2 or 3 day trips. I have some training in survival training, and first aid, but I would still only put me just a little past beginner.

I have a number of years of training in still photography, writing, Film and Video Production, and distance walking/hiking, and a lot of travel,  and some living abroad experience. My longest hike in one stretch was 19 Km from our international Air Port, to 23 Avenue, Edmonton, with a 35 pound pack, about 10 years ago. Most recent was 45 minutes with a 50 pound pack, and 6 KM with a 20 pound pack, with a 4-5 innings of a baseball game and dinner, at the half way point.

I am level 50, about 5' 9" and 220 pounds,and I am losing weight. I was 239 pounds, but lost a lot of weight by changing what I eat, and doing more exercise, and cutting out most of my sugar and liquor intake, and minimizing my carb intake. I don't have all the answers, but I am slowly getting closer to the magic number of 200 pounds, or even 210, would be a good next - do without doing- do as I am doing- goal. I am muscular, so i am trying to get rid of the tummy fat, and the backside fat, much of which I have already lost.

Besides that, I enjoy reading, hiking with a pack, walking with a small pack, cycling, motorcycling, car camping and film, video, and still photograpy, and writing in many forms. I like to spend time with family and friends, but don't drink much or do anything else. I am more spiritual than religious and am not looking to be converted, or to convert anybody.  I am very wise, I like honesty, fairness, compassion, and good cooking. I believe in holding the door for older people, expecting better behavior from younger people, and teaching from example.

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