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Outdoor Products Collapsible Silicone Bowl & Cup

The set weight is 6.1 oz (bowl is 4 oz, cup is 2.1 oz). The bowl holds 17oz and the cup holds 7oz. The cup can hold hot liquids without folding…
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No Limits Compact Butane Stove

Fisrt off is the price, at 20 bucks you can't go wrong. For the gear heads the stove weight is 3.3 oz and 3.7 oz with the stuff sack. It is…

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set 24oz

This is a very sturdy set. A little heavy. Set wt. 13.8 oz. or 390 g. without the cups 7.8oz. 220g. I found to use it without the cup. A canister…
photo: Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set 24oz

Snow Peak Hybrid Trail Cookset

This set is wonderful for solo cooking. The weight is good. Fry pan is good size. I have cooked fish, but you have to cut it up. With any titanium…
photo: Snow Peak Hybrid Trail Cookset

Emotion Kayaks Glide

i have had this yak for 2 and 1/2 years. i love it. it tracks pretty well for a small boat. it will take a 1st timer a little getting used to.
photo: Emotion Kayaks Glide