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I am a: male backpacker
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Trail running
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My name is Mike G. Not to be confused with the other 300 mike G's on this site. I am happily employed with  an outfitter in New Orleans.

South Louisiana is not the ideal place to be a hiker but it does have great opportunity for kayak touring with endless miles of waterways.

I get the opportunity to go on a 3 day 2 night trip sometimes twice a month and try to take at least 2 major 10 day+ trips a year with a few 4-6 day trips along the way.

I am currently trying to amass an education in expedition skills (wilderness medicine, climbing instruction, avalanche rescue, crevasse rescue, raft guiding, swift-water rescue, back-country cooking, logistics) so I may try to solicit my services to Citizen Science groups.

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