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I am a: 70-year-old
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Backcountry skiing

I started Backpacking when I was just out of high school.  That was the day when REI was just forming and Eastern Mountain Sports was making a foothold in the market.  Kelty was THE respected name in the industry With Campmor a small retailer selling on the east coast.  Holubar was in business in Denver Colorado where I purchased a 4 person Eureka Timberline while on vacation there..  I guess I out lived Holubar. Eastern Mountain Sports is just about gone and there are always new players opening up in the field, and some closing just as quickly before leaving a footprint.  Kelty is still around but the company was sold and the business plan  has changed.  The equipment is still great equipment but the shift is to do away with the framed packs that was the benchmark of the industry and become just like everyone else.  Kelty's identity is lost to the world.   The world is dynamic, constantly changing and outdoor gear is no exception.  Being as old as I am it is difficult to break the surly bonds of the old days when ships were wood and men were steel.  All this is leading up to the big question, are there any people of my generation out there to remember the days before high tech gear and to appreciate the simpler days and equipment?

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