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I grew up in Green Bay Wisconsin and have lived in Breckenridge Colorado since 1989. I grew up camping & hiking and have never stopped. My favorite places to hike are in Utah, Hawaii & Colorado. I have also hiked some in Alaska but not enough to call it a real pack trip, just a couple long day hikes. However I do have a couple hikes planned in AK, maybe I can get to it in 2014. I hike daily with my dogs whether it is snowing and blowing or sunny & hot. I live less than a mile from the Colorado Trail and can often be found "Training" on various sections nearby as well as other trials around Breckenridge & Summit County. Snowboarding brought me to Colorado but the weather during the rest of the year convinced me to stay.

A typical day off from work includes hiking or snowshoeing with my wife and or Dogs. Hiking 3-10 miles is an not uncommon way to start any day and if hiking late in the day I often need to be reminded that the sun sets in "x" hours so maybe we should head back. I am not a stranger to hiking in the dark and I like it, however I must also remind myself that most people want to be stopped and settled before dark. I am happiest hiking or hanging out near a campfire with friends.  I also like to slug around at home when not hiking, snowboarding, or golfing.

The moniker comes from friends on a long forgotten forum on the old Prodigy, circa 1991-92. The name PackerFever orginated from loving the Green Bay Packers and it fits well in that life as well as Backpacking. For example one of my dogs is named Sir Packer Backer Backpacker. :) You can find me on FB and Twitter @PackerFever as well as many other sites as PackerFever in both the football world and the camping world. I also own but no longer have a site as, it will return soon.

Hike like a spirit on the wind, ~Fever

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