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I was born in NJ and lived in Lodi until I went into the Air Force in 1987. After going overseas, I was stationed in the Nation's outdoor playground for 12 years, Colorado. I lived there (Denver) for 12 years taking part in some of the country's best fishing, skiing, mountain biking, camping, hiking and off roading. I also returned to civilian status in 1999 but stayed in the reserves. 911 occurred and I went to active status again. I was stationed in Texas and remain here to this day. I have since retired from military service but I retained alot of the "outdoor skills" I learned during my enlistment. These days, the areas of west Texas, southwest Oklahoma and the mountains of NM have become the playground. My wife and I are fortunate to be able to afford a 2nd home in NM very close to a wilderness area and this makes it easy for me to plan and execute my "objectives".


Trail running
Rock climbing
Mountain biking


Height6 ft
Torso Length18.5
Boot/Shoe Size11.5
Jacket/Shirt Sizelarge
Pant SizeLarge or 34 to 36