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Rory B

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I am a: backpacker
Location: Orange County, CA
Occupation: IT




Height5' 10"
Boot/Shoe Size9.5
Pant Size32 32

I've been a lifelong backpacker. Started as a scout in the southern Sierra's and deserts, but did most of my early serious trips in Germany and France when I was in the army. When I came back to the States I went back into every part of the Sierra's and the southern Cascades. I did my first PCT hike in 1978!  I've got three kids, and I brought them all into the wild and we still do a major trip every year or two.  In 2020 we're heading into the Trinity Alps for a couple of weeks.  I spent some time up there alone many years ago and am looking forward to revisiting the place again.  

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