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Full load comfy backpacking, with simplest, easy meals we can  come up with : quick oats )just add water, a bit chewy, but cheap and filling)and coffee in morning, trail mix for lunch, couple of power bars in between, Zatarains red beans and rice kind of stuff with a tinfoil packet of chicken for dinner cooked on a pocket rocket in a 2 qt billy pot, feeds two. We've had good luck with the pocket rocket on simmer for the 20 min it takes, mourn the fuel use, but the eats are good.

Considering a jet boil for the solo trips just because of the ease and the multi-function aspect, and I love toys like that. Probably go for a lot of Ramon for the carbo load.  Consider peanut butter, but crackers and bread have bombed in the past. SO we take a lot of nuts.