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Sheri Alto

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joined Jan 13, 2018

I am a: 75-year-old backpacker
Location: Grants Pass, OR
Occupation: Cosmetology




Boot/Shoe Size7.5
Jacket/Shirt Size10
Pant Size8


If I were to "put a label" on myself, I would say NATURALIST. I love the outdoors, plants and animals and serenity. A lifelong Sierra Club member; most of my hiking  has been day hikes or weekend hikes. I grew up in Southern California, but when I could, I moved to Northern California and eventually settled in Lake Tahoe for some snow skiing, downhill and cross country and outdoors fun. I have always had a pension for quality gear, however, I  was always struggling financial; somehow I always managed to get the best or second best gear I noticed Esatto makes a cross country boot, that would be one I would have saved to buy.

My younger brother and I backpacked through 5 countries in Europe in the 70's and he taught me how to pack for the trip. I use those same skills today when I day hike or when I travel with a carryon for vacation trips. The last 2o years have been devoted to my horses and hiking with them. 

Presently I am struggling with the recovery of a nasty leg and ankle injury when I fell on the ice in January of 2017. Esatto just made me some  boots last year and walking shoes which I just got. I am still finishing up some PT and chiropractic treatments, and it is too wintery here in Oregon to go for a walk. But they look and  feel great !

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