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I am a: 57-year-old backpacker
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Occupation: Photographer/Designer


Trail running
Mountain biking
Mountain Biking


Weight150 lbs
Torso Lengthunsure
Boot/Shoe SizeUK 7 US 8
Jacket/Shirt SizeMed
Pant Size34 waist short leg

I'm originally from England but now live in Scotland just south of Edinburgh. I started backpacking when I was in my early teens and after a long hiatus I've resumed my trips out into the wild country where I can be in the sweet spot for the best light ie dusk and dawn.

I usually backpack alone but sometimes take a buddy or the dawgs if it's a short overnighter in the hills on my doorstep. I work part-time for a the biggest supermarket chain in the UK as a tech advisor but I also run landscape photography workshops up here in Scotland and in Wales and England. The best backcountry for me is up in the Highlands and Islands of the west of Scotland which is about as remote as you can get over here. I'm interested in the paranormal but from a sceptical point of view.

I'll add more to this as I get more time and inspiration.

See you soon.

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