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I have worked for Campmor since 1992. 10 years as the Tent Department Head in the Retail Store. I am currently a Buyer.

I used to collect Appalachian Trail books but have since donated them to the Appalachian Trail Museum.

I am a member of the ATC.

I am a charter member of the Appalachian Trail Museum Society. You should visit the museum and become a member.

I am also a member of the NYNJTC.

I am a section hiker on the AT with over 850 miles done towards completion although in recent years I have redone many sections with my daughter and another friend who is trying to catch up.

Read the Barefoot Sisters Books. They are great writers.

I also think a night in the woods with a small radio and a baseball game on is as near to heaven as you can get especially if you have a fine cigar and a bourbon.

Update May 2014 - Hiking Career is over - 2 bulging discs through damaged vertebrae make it hard to walk much less hike

5.28.14 - I will no longer be participating on this site. I criticized a glowing review of a crappy tent ( and have been called on the carpet by the moderators. It seems they would rather be PC than point out that a reviewer is dead wrong. Oh well. Cheers.




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