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I just get out in the wild to be out there. I generally power boat my small craft into the backwaters and set a base camp. From there I do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes a long day hike to explore a new are. Other times I might fish more. I'm constantly trying out new gear, more compact gear, and trying to bring less gear without totally giving up all comfort. I try to go on 4 or 5 day trips at least every 5 to 6 weeks. Although, in Florida, the hottest of the summer months slows down that schedule! I sometimes go out solo and other times in groups from one other to eight or ten others. Most of my outings are on and around the back waters of the St. Johns river in the national forest and the Florida Everglades. I have explored the midwest and the west coast. But not as much as I'd like! Anyone interested in a trip to Florida and needing a guide to show them the St. Johns river, contact me. I'm always looking for good people to share the outdoor experience with. And I'm not talking about charging for it ether!




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