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Exped SynMat 9 DLX

A giant pad for a big person! 77.5" long, 26" wide, and 3.5" thick, with an R value of 6 all for only 41 oz. I love this pad. Yes, it's big.
photo: Exped SynMat 9 DLX

Vasque Bitterroot GTX

These boots are leather and Goretex, so they can run a little warm, but not as bad as some boots. After using them for about a month and two…
photo: Vasque Men's Bitterroot GTX

Exped SynMat 9 Pump DLX

After two years of using this pad I though I would update the review. It is still a great pad to sleep on, and although it is more heavy then…
photo: Exped SynMat 9 Pump DLX