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I am a: 54-year-old dharma bum
Location: Portland, OR
Occupation: IT


Extreme Wandering
Zombie Apocalypse Preparation


Weight195lbs (14st)
Torso LengthI can never measure this correctly. Call it "average".
Boot/Shoe Size11 Wide
Jacket/Shirt SizeXL
Pant SizeL - XL

I lived as a wilderness hobo for a decade, and derive much of my gear sensibilities from that lifestyle. During that period I slept in the great outdoors about 300 nights per year, worked as a treeplanter each spring in migrant camps, hopped freight trains, hitchhiked, and mostly walked up and down North America.

You're as likely to find me napping trailside as you are to meet me scaling a 5.6 wall wearing my external frame pack, just to get to that one meadow.

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user rating: 4 of 5 Nooz Optics Rectangular Reading Glasses 12/05/2018


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