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Reviewer Reputation

Reviewer reputation is a rough measurement of your standing within the Trailspace community, based on the quality and quantity of your contributions. It is earned by writing gear reviews that show your peers that you know what you're talking about.

Earning Reputation Points

The primary way to gain reputation is by posting useful, detailed gear reviews. Your peers can vote on your reviews, and those votes will affect your reputation:

Write a review +2
include a 25-100 word summary +1
include both pros and cons +1
include sufficient detail
(at least 300 words in review body)
include images and/or video +2
Review is voted up +10
Review is voted down -2 (-1 to voter)


In some circumstances you can earn extra reputation points:

First reviewer 1.5x
If you're the first person to review a piece of gear, you will receive 1.5 times the value of all points earned from that review (e.g. +15 per upvote).