Mammut Announces Energy Neutral Rope Production

Mammut Eiger Mammut Sports Group, providers of Swiss quality alpine gear and apparel, announced a partnership with MyClimate to offset greenhouse gas emissions produced in the company’s rope manufacturing. The partnership with MyClimate – The Climate Protection Partnership, allows Mammut to guarantee a climate neutral rope program, through contributions to a sustainable farming initiative in the Ladakh region of the Indian Himalayas.

The MyClimate Ladakh project will support people living in this high-altitude region in Northern India, where food would ordinarily need to be flown in by air in the harsh winter months, when roads to the area are inaccessible. The initiative aims to build 500 solar-powered greenhouses that will extend the annual growing season well beyond the region’s short 3-month vegetation period, yielding enough food to sustain the community year-round. Providing sustainable farming for an extended season will eliminate the need for airplane-powered food drops to the population, saving jet fuel and providing locals with an independent means of food production.

MyClimate – The Climate Protection Partnership, is a Switzerland-based foundation with international reach, working toward climate protection and the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficient technologies. MyClimate partners with businesses and entities large and small on initiatives around the globe aimed at offsetting the environmental impact of partners’ products and services.

MyClimate will simultaneously support the construction of 20 small-scale hydroelectric generators for communities such as Ladakh. Each generator has a modest output of 10 kilowatts, and will provide energy and power to these remote regions while replacing the use of high-emission diesel generators.

“As the global mindshare moves toward environmental consciousness, it’s much harder to ignore the impact that all kinds of manufacturing has on our planet,” said Jeff Cunningham, national sales manager for Mammut Sports Group USA. “Mammut has long been recognized for premium quality ropes, and we’re now able to add an energy neutral component to that rich heritage, at a time when climbers and consumers are increasingly considering the environment we play in and making their purchasing decisions accordingly.”

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