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Q&A: Who Makes the Longest Sleeping Bags?

by Alicia MacLeay
December 13, 2006

Occasionally we receive outdoor gear questions from readers. Since we figured others would find them useful too, we’ll share some of those Q&A’s here.

Here's a question I got this fall that, although being 5'4", I immediately had to find the answer to:


Read your article on Trailspace about sleeping bags, which gave a mention to extra-long bags. Any idea who makes the longest? I'm trying to track down the longest 20F backpacking bag I can find, as I’m about 6'9", and carrying a rectangular bag is becoming a real pain in the butt...

Any ideas are appreciated, if you've got any.

Dean J


That's a great question, Dean. I'm sure there are others like you looking for more legroom, so I did a little research.

If you like down bags, I think your best bet is to check out Western Mountaineering and Feathered Friends. According to Western Mountaineering’s sleeping bag spec chart, they have the following 15-degree bags in 7' long:

Western Mountaineering bags get really good reviews from users, but that comes with a higher price. So you'd need to decide if they're worth it for your use and budget. You might consider finding a used one.

Feathered Friends makes high-quality, custom length bags that measure up to 7' for the standard model or 6’3” for the women's model. Feathered Friends is another company that receives great sleeping bag reviews. And with four standard and four women’s lengths, they cover the height spectrum down to a custom short (5'6") or an extra small women’s (4'9").

Lastly, in the more affordable category, Sierra Designs’ extra-long length fits users up to 7'. Their synthetic, 10-degree Paul Bunyan (mummy), is available in extra-long.

Good luck!