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The Making of a Carabiner at DMM Wales

March 9, 2009

Ever wonder how your climbing hardware was made? has an editorial video about how DMM makes carbiners:

DMM, named after Denny Moorhouse, has been busy making climbing hardware since 1981. DMM started life in a small barn in Bethesda, near the slate quarries of North Wales. Now their factory is in Llanberis and DMM employ 130 people, making them the second largest employer in the local area.

The bread and butter of DMM's climbing hardware business is the carabiner - the simple snap link. This essential tool in the climber's rack can be taken for granted, but despite its simple appearance, hundreds of hours of design and work go in to each model.

The process involved in making a modern carabiner is detailed below in this editorial video.

The making of a carabiner @ DMM Wales from Dave Gill


DMM product info and gear reviews


Oh how cool! I love to watch the manufacturing process at work, it is really neat how each industry has developed ways to work smarter, more efficient, and improve quality.

It was obvious Denny has a passion for his work, as it should be.

I was actually surprised to see that precision operations like drilling are still done by hand. Pretty high-tech how they align the bars after cutting and bending too, huh? ;-)

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