Kilian Jornet gains throne of Olympian gods in record time

Mountain runner Kilian Jornet has an impressive athletic résumé. A few quick highlights: third at the 100-mile Western States in 2010; first and course record at The North Face 100 in Australia this year; Gold Medal in the Vertical Race at the World Championships of Ski Mountaineering in 2010 (with loads more on his Wikipedia page if you're curious).

Last week Jornet ran up Mount Olympus, Greece's highest peak and home of the Olympian gods, setting a speed record of 5:19:45. His route was 45 kilometers long, with more than 3,500 meters in elevation gain.

"I felt good on the way up, although my legs were slightly tired, from these last days training, I guess. The technical side of things went very well and I really enjoyed the descent, which was long and technical," said Jornet.

Watch this clip of him running, fast, uphill. It's enough to make even the most active everyday guy or girl feel either inspired or incredibly lazy.

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June 19, 2011 at 10:27 p.m. (EDT)

Beautifully shot. Wish I could follow in his footsteps!

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