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3M Cavit Temporary Filling

photo: 3M Cavit Temporary Filling first aid supply


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In short, this is the best industry standard for a temporary filling if a tooth breaks when out and about. This may not be ideal for many (I'm a WFR and backcountry guide), but this is always in my 1st Aid Kit that goes everywhere I go.


  • Inexpensive
  • Well designed/works as intended


  • A few grams of weight that you will hopefully never need to use!

This is a necessary part of a kit if you are a care provider in the backcountry. This stuff comes out of the tube like a putty, and is very easy to work with. Simply roll the product into a ball after prepping/cleaning, and press into the broken area. It is not necessary to fill the entire void, pressing it in will make an appropriate seal protecting the nerve. After placing, simply bite down to finish molding the filling to prevent additional damage to adjacent/upper/lower teeth.  


The product is designed to cure/harden when moist, an obvious necessity. A plus with the design is that the material slightly expands to create a good seal, and to stay in place until one can get to a professional. The material will set pretty fast (<1 hour), but it is not recommended to eat for several hours.

One note is that you will want to replace this stuff every couple of years. It tends to dry out/harden when exposed to the typical high/low temperatures of backcountry travel.

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Price Paid: $5


Sean, I'm wondering if you have thought of any secondary uses for this?

8 years ago
second gear

I carry Anbesol for mouth pain, but mostly to take the sting out of mosquito bites. G00se poses an interesting question...

8 years ago

I keep it for it's intended purpose, but this stuff could be helpful to temporarily get you out of a jam... It doesn't really bond like glue, but this could have countless applications. Since it (like so many items in a first aid kit) has a short lifespan, it only makes sense to put it to use before it becomes concrete in a tube.

8 years ago

G00SE, I think I might have an experiment in the near future!

8 years ago

Awesome! Let me know how it turns out.

8 years ago

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