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Cavit Temporary Filling

rated 5 of 5 stars In short, this is the best industry standard for a temporary filling if a tooth breaks when out and about. This may not be ideal for many (I'm a WFR and backcountry guide), but this is always in my 1st Aid Kit that goes everywhere I go. This is a necessary part of a kit if you are a care provider in the backcountry. This stuff comes out of the tube like a putty, and is very easy to work with. Simply roll the product into a ball after prepping/cleaning, and press into the broken area.┬áIt is not… Full review

Ultrathon 33 Insect Repellent Sponge Applicator

rated 2 of 5 stars A bug repellent in a little package, with a lot of promise, that ultimately turned into a lot of disappointment. If you want to lose ten bucks and gain a few dozen bug bites, this one's for you. Otherwise, stick to the spray-applicated repellents. I read a recent review of this that painted it in a pretty positive light. While stocking up on supplies at REI before a recent trip, I picked up a bottle of this and spared myself fifteen-minutes'-worth of comparison shopping in the insect repellent aisle. Full review

Ultrathon 33 Insect Repellent Sponge Applicator

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Most effective, longest lasting insect repellent I've ever used. Period. It says; "Lasts 8 to 12 hours." And it actually does! I've spent thousands of hours in horrifying mosquito, blackfly, and no-see-um territories, and I've used every brand, every chemical or natural concoction ever to grace a store shelf. (Literally, not figuratively; I've tried EVERYTHING.) Some stuff works for a little while, some stuff lasts a little while longer, some stuff shouldn't even be allowed to call itself "insect… Full review

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