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ACR ResQLink+

photo: ACR ResQLink+ locator beacon


Price Historic Range: $229.93-$325.00
Reviewers Paid: $269.00-$289.00


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Lightweight, small, and has the reliability of ACR behind it (I trust ACR locators).

The ACR ResQLink+ is a replacement for my old heavy ACR TerraFix 406 PLB. The ResQLink+ is 1/4 the size of the old PLB and about 1/6 the weight of the older model.

I had to use my old old PLB when I tore my right quad tendon while hiking White Oak Canyon in Shenandoah NP. Help did not arrive until I reached the parking lot. I got help from some ice climbers and a father and daughter out for the day.  

At that time, the PLB was already old, the battery was in need of replacement, and I was in the mountains. But, even being old, it still worked. My original PLB cost me $600. This one cost me $269 from REI. This model has a test button also (up to 12 tests per life of the battery). That is reassuring.

The antenna is almost as long at the older model. The body has a loop on the top and bottom of the unit. I can easily thread my belt thru and wear the PLB on my waist. I can also connect to a strap on my pack. This unit also floats. So no more worries about taking in the glades or out kayaking. This unit has a strobe which helps to be seen.

The replacement battery for my old PLB was expensive and I was told that the replacement would cost around $150 (but the waterproof and guarantee of signal would be worth it). Or I just buy a newer version when the time comes to replace. I hope I do not need to use. Being light and small makes the decision to carry or not easier.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $269


Thanks for sharing your ACR review, Daryl. I'm glad you were able to get yourself out to safety when injured.

5 years ago
Phil 4

I'd like to know why only 4 stars since you seem perfectly happy with the product.

3 years ago

I rate this PLB a full 5.0 as it has the strongest signal and over a 4-6 year period is less expensive then either the Spot 3 or the DeLorme.


  • Strong 5.0 watt signal
  • Strobe light
  • No drills
  • Signal goes straight to Search and Rescue, not a call center
  • Over a 4-6 year period the ReqQLink is lower cost then their competitors


  • No pre-programed messages
  • No texting

Ease of Use:  

  • The ResQLink cannot be easier to use. One button to test. One button to call for help.


  • Two button operation, easy to use
  • Signal goes directly to Search and Rescue, rather then a call center
  • Built-in strobe light

Construction and Durability:

- Well, I just purchased it, but it seems very well made


  • Took it into the Grand Canyon (the Big Ditch) with me for four days. How did it work? I did not need it so...
  • I carry it with me when backpacking and hiking.


If you are looking for a good device with no frills and that goes directly to Search and Rescue rather then a call center, then this is the one for you.

A friend in his 70's likes the Spot so he can send a message to his wife saying he is OK and that is great for him.

NOTE: Signal Strength

  • Spot Gen3: .4 Watts
  • DeLorme: 1.6 Watts
  • ACR ResQLink: 5.0 Watts. This is about a 13 times stronger signal than the Spot Gen3.

Mine is the ResQLink+ which is the same as the ResQLink but enclosed in a flotation case. The ResQLink sells for about $280.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $289


Thanks for the review, Lawrence. I hope you'll keep us posted on how the ResQLink+ continues to work out for you.

6 years ago
Lawrence Schindler

There is one important point that I neglected to mention above and that id when looking at the above three PLB's, only the ResQLink transmits firectly to Search and Rescue. The other two PLB;s go first to a call center which could delay the rescue...

6 years ago

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