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RFID Slim Sport Wallet

rated 5 of 5 stars Extremely lightweight slim sport wallet. The latest in RFID protection for your credit cards. If you are an ounce counter like I am and are also looking for the latest in RFID protection for your credit card information than this wallet is for you. Allett's RFID Slim Sport wallet is perfect for not only the trail but everyday use. With a Nappa leather exterior and an interior of thin nylon, the wallet¬†can hold up to 10 credit cards in its opposing pockets. The money slot is compatible¬†with American,… Full review

Ultra Slim Original Wallet

rated 3.5 of 5 stars The Allett Ultra Slim Original wallet is so thin that you can hardly feel it in your pocket. Has all the slots and folds one needs for cash or credit cards. Recommended for all outdoor activities due to its light weight and slim nature, but be careful not to have cards fall out. I received this Allett Ultra Slim Original wallet as a trial for test and review from the manufacturer. It is minimally stylish but considering its use during outdoor activities that is not an issue for me. It has four slots… Full review

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