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Alpacka Raft Fjord Explorer

photo: Alpacka Raft Fjord Explorer packraft
Alpacka Raft says:

The Fjord Explorer is a great choice for anyone who needs a faster,energy-efficient boat for flat water or needs large cargo capacity.

It can be rowed or paddled, and is built extra-long and with added flotation to carry a passenger or heavy cargo. With breakdown oars and an oarframe, an attachable skeg, and a removable, elevated rowing seat that transforms into a seat pad for a second occupant. The Explorer is a multi-configuration boat, loaded with features.

Includes:: Fjord Explorer raft, oarframe, breakdown oars, removable seat & removable elevated rowing seat, detachable skeg, sil-nylon stuff sack, repair kit, inflation bag. 2 stern grab loops, 4 bow grab loops.

Roll Down Size: Approximately 8 inches diameter x 24 inches for the raft. Other components take up some additional space.


2.49 kilograms 0.9 kilogram
Price MSRP: $1,290.00
Weight Raft: 5 pounds, 8 ounces oars: 2 pounds rowing frame: 1.5 lb (0.6 kilograms).
Max outer length 83 inches (2.11 meters)
Max inner length 53 inches (1.35 meters)
Max outside width 39.5 inches (1.01 meters)
Max inside width 15.5 inches (39.5 centimeters)


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