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Alpine Design Microlite Terrain 45 Degree Mummy

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Microlite Terrain 45 Degree Mummy has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best warm weather synthetic sleeping bags for 2024.

I purchased this bag over a year ago on a whim. List price was $30 and it was on clearance for less than 20. To me it was worth the investment to give it a try.

I already had a very warm and very expensive sleeping bag but nothing for warmer weather. Since then i have used this bag at least twice a week at work and on several camping trips. I carry it almost all the time when i am hiking as part of my 10 Essentials as it weighs so little and takes up so little space as opposed to all but the most costly sleeping bags. It is smaller and lighter than a poncho liner.

It has FAR supassed my expectations. It has kept me warm in (forcast) temperatures into the 50s and always at work. After more than a year the bag is not ripped or torn in any place and the zipper runs along its track smoothly. If zipped or unzipped too quickly it has a tendency to hang up, more so than my other bags.

I am not a big fan of mummy style bags. They do not suit the way that i sleep and i often find them to be quite confining and claustrophobic. This bag is rated for some one 6'7" tall and is 32 inches at its widest in the shoulders. Even though I am a pretty big guy, I do not feel overly confined in this bag and is my favorite mummy bag including other "L" rated bags. The only mummy style bag that I have found more roomy inside is the old army issue bag. There is almost no bulk to this bag and no soft or fleecy lining, so there is not a lot of snuggling into this thing.

I have gotten WAY more than $30 worth of use out of this sleeping bag. I was glad to see it still offered in the store when my friend was looking for a bag.

I wanted to review this bag for two reasons.

Firstly, I could find no reviews for it online and it really does deserve to be mentioned.

Secondly, this item does NOT show up on the Soprts Authority website. If you want to buy one you have to go to the store. It is definitely worth the trip!

Price Paid: Less than twenty bucks.

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