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For over 95 years, Åsnes has produced rugged skis for winter hiking and mountaineering. It all started in 1910 when the oldest of the Åsnes brothers went to Christiania (Oslo) to work at Hagen ski factory. There, he learned the profession of ski production, and already in 1913, four out of six Åsnes brothers worked at the Hagen ski factory.

In 1922 two of the brothers started ski production at Straumsnes labeling the skis “Brødrene Åsnes skifabrikk”. Production began in the old barn that was raised in 1696, but after 11 years, it was too small, and a new factory was built on the farm. The new factory was a total of 200 square meters.

The family was poor and had limited funding. They bought timber from across the fjord, and payment was done with fish caught during the crossing. The timber was then towed back to the factory using a rowboat. There were several reasons why they bought standing timber; it was cheaper, and they could choose the best trees for ski production. Out of the timber came the finest skis that had ever been seen in the country of Norway.


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