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Berghaus Storm

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Storm has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2023.

Upon purchasing the Storm I thought I had made the wrong choice for my needs, however within a week of simply walking they came to show themselves my best boot choice of 13 pairs.

The stiff sidewalls saved me from at least two twisted ankles, the soles have decent grip, though the liner needs more padding. This I have remedied with a set of cushioned liners from a pair of running sneakers. The waterproofing on my pair has never let me down, and that is even after four years of on again off again saltwater submersion.

All in all, Berghaus has made a good boot for all terrains and worth the cash.

Materials: Leather, nylon and goretex
Use: Every possible scenario
Break-in Period: almost none
Weight: 86 kg
Price Paid: 99 Pound ($267 CDN)

These were incredibly comfortable out of the box. Shed the water when proofed, but I found they really needed re proofing after a couple of wet hours. Used them with Berghaus Yeti gaiters in really bad weather, but the boots still get a bit wet, they just stay cleaner. Never got wet feet wearing them. I've never used them with much of a pack - just day walks - and a fair bit of hill running - great for descents where they give much more ankle support then fell shoes. Reasonable all round grip.

However after about 9 months fairly heavy use (tho mostly on grass so the soles weren't that worn) they split around the toe - so now they're pretty useless. I think I needed to reproof a lot more - but it would have cost a small fortune in proofing spray - maybe I need a better proofing product. Recommended - but look after them if they get wet.

Materials: Fabric
Use: Year round from snowy Welsh hills to Syrian desert
Break-in Period: none
Price Paid: £100

These boots require no braking-in and are very comfortable from the start. However, it is necessery to proof them as soon as possible because the fabric will easily sock up water and make the boot very heavy. The gore-tex bootie keeps the feet dry but I have found that water can sock up the fabric and into the boot over the heel and ankle. The boot stands up well to hard terrain but is ideal for summer trails although ones feet can become a little sweaty.

Materials: fabric + gore-tex
Use: trail, 3-season
Break-in Period: n/a
Price Paid: £110

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