Black Diamond 8.9 Dry Climbing Rope

photo: Black Diamond 8.9 Dry Climbing Rope dynamic rope
Black Diamond Equipment says:
With its exceptional handling and lightweight design, the 8.9 is a high performance single rope built for the send. Featuring a durable 2X2 weave construction for increased lifespan, the 8.9 also boasts a dry treated core and sheath that repels moisture from the inside out, making it a versatile rope for all-season use. The 8.9 also comes with a middle marker that's easily identifiable for rappels, and exceptional handling that knots easily and feeds smoothly through a belay device. Certified as a single, twin or half rope, the 8.9 is the ultimate high-end climbing rope. The 100m version of the 8.9 climbing rope is an Exclusive at!


Price Current Retail: $194.95-$359.95
Historic Range: $0.01-$359.95


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