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Black Diamond Serac Crampons

photo: Black Diamond Serac Crampons crampon


Strap Clip Pro
Price MSRP: $184.95
Current Retail: $184.95-$199.95
Historic Range: $95.97-$199.95
Weight Per Pair 860 g / 1 lb 14 oz 905 g / 2 lb 890 g / 1 lb 15 oz
Use Strap version is for non-technical footwear Clip version is for mountain boots without a toe welt Pro version is for technical boots
Materials Stainless steel


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Version reviewed: Serac Strap

12-point stainless steel crampon that does the job.


  • Stainless steel
  • 12-point
  • Anti-balling plates


  • The points feel dull
  • Not for ice climbing

I bought these a couple of years ago and I've used them only in snow ranging from powder to crust with my flexible hunting boots, but never on solid ice.
After some mixed rocky trail hike, a fellow hiker advised me to buy a knife sharpening stone to sharpen the edges from time to time. I came to no result since stainless steel is VERY HARD to sharpen. Not that I needed any sharpening because till this day they are as sharp as they were when I first unboxed them.

The fit is excellent and once the adjustment is done there is no need to re-tighten since they stay in place for the rest of the hike.
The anti balling plates work like a charm and never had any issues whatsoever.

My boots are size 44 and I've set the pin to 3. The standard bar cover (I think) up to size 46 boot.

I didn't want to shorten the strap, so I had some velcro sewn to it to keep it in place.

Bought them new for 135 euros. OK price I guess..
The weight per crampon with the velcro mod.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 135 EU


Thanks for the helpful review and pictures, Nick!

5 years ago

They look almost identical to the BD Contact crampons, which would have saved you some money. I'd recommend a single-cut file to sharpen them over a stone and, yes Stainless is a pain to sharpen.

5 years ago
Nick Mesarhakis

I agree about the Contact option. They would be cheaper and lighter but they would also miss 2 points. That's why I chose Serac. I'll think about the file although I didn't notice any signs of further dullness (they are practically as I unboxed them).

5 years ago

Clever idea with the velcro. Too often I've cut excess straps items and then regretted it later. Thanks for the great review, Nick.

5 years ago
Nick Mesarhakis

Thanks a lot guys.

5 years ago

Never thought of velco. Might have some drawbacks too while strapping on.
But it is a good point to do something about it.

I always cut off some excess (with a hot knife), but try to minimise that.

Problem remains not being able to tuck away the loose end reliably, so it gets frayed, or might even get stuck somewhere.

3 years ago
Nick Mesarhakis

Something WILL get frayed anyway. The velcro is starting but it's replasable compared to the strap.

2 years ago

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