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Black Diamond Zenix

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

The Zenix has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best headlamps for 2024.

photo: Black Diamond Zenix headlamp

I always thought that if I paid top price for a piece of equipment that it would perform just the same as for the price.

NOT SO! I've the more that I paid, the more complications came with. Like with any new product you have to research and read the various reviews on that certain item.

Black Diamond so far, has been absolutely the outfitters of outfitters of what I needed. I've owned many other headlamps, but now after owning the Zenix I'm sold on the high performance led lighting. I use it for everything camping, doing odd jobs around the house and even reading in bed--so I really use it a hell of a lot!

The hyper lights on the side of the headlamp are just that very bright, the main led gives an absolute no voids, no dark spots and never out of focus. I've removed the top head strap, don't need it. It fits really snug on my head.

True, it's not made for long a distant beam,but I tell you what with the power that the two hyper led's and the main led puts out there's no need for a long focus beam. The Zenix is a little better for just working around the camp. I've gone on midnight runs through absolutely blacked out conditions. What I really love about this headlamp is that it doesn't bounce off of objects, meaning it doesn't white out in front of me--a blinding affect.

What really gets me is that, how can something so small be so powerful and bright! I suggest to any one to purchase the Zenix hyper light, it's one of the best led's I've ever owned!

I won't go hiking without it. The battery range is outstanding. It does the job, though lacks long range capability. My lamp has taken rain, snow, ice, mud, etc. I've even fallen in a river fully submerged head and all. The lamp kept working. I took a precaution after the trip while moisture was visible and stuck the headlamp in a bag of dry rice, it was fine 24 hours later. The cord does irritate me a little though, as it wraps around your right side of your head. I flipped the brace so the cord now runs on top of the band instead of the bottom.

Price Paid: gift

This is an extremely lightweight headlamp that easily adapts to fit your head, hat or helmet. Several modes allow broad, focused or combined beams. This should be considered the leading headlamp for lightweight hiking, camping and climbing. As with as all LED lamps, this lamp suffers in long range illumination so should not be considered if that is an important requirement.

Pros: Long battery life, light weight, great short/medium illumination, comfortable design, good placement of switch, good cost, reliable.

Cons: lacks long range illumination, lacks button battery back up (and so does EVERYONE else).

Price Paid: NA

Of three headlamps - Petzl Tikka XP, Petzl Myo XP, and BD Zenix, the Zenix is my favorite. Offers the best combination of weight, lighting options, brightness and battery life.

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Price Historic Range: $29.93-$44.50

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