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rated 3.5 of 5 stars 非常不错的背包,适合各种用途,但其实最常用的只有其中的一个背囊,其他两个基本闲置不用。 [Google Translate: Very good backpack, for a variety of uses, but in fact the most common only one backpack, two other basically idle.] 2013年购买了Bootlegger,曾经背着它骑车环了中国海南岛(800公里),中国台湾岛(1200公里)。 是一款很不错的背包,多用途:骑车、徒步、旅行都可以用。 我最喜欢hopper,容量比标称的28L还要大,两个弹性袋很有效的扩展了hopper的容量。… Full review

Lost Coast 45

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A moderately lightweight backpack that is smartly designed and does a lot of things well. I found the suspension very comfortable for carrying weight 35 pounds or less, and good but not ideal for heavier loads. While the backpack looks and functions as a very simple bag in some respects, it offers a surprising amount of versatility. The few design features I would tweak are relatively minor; overall, a really nice and creative solution from a fairly new company. Boreas appears to be a fairly new… Full review

Lost Coast 60

rated 4 of 5 stars A solid, lightweight pack with a set of well thought out features; not only in what it includes, but also in what it excludes. Fit: This is one of the pack's few weak points. I bought a Large model, and I'm 6'2". The real design oversight is that the load lifters at the top of the frame sheet are not sufficiently high enough to remove weight from your shoulders. Overall the frame sheet does a good job of transferring weight to the hip belt, but you'll be carrying some weight on your shoulders if… Full review

Lost Coast 60

rated 5 of 5 stars I definitely recommend the Boreas Lost Coast 60. This will be a great pack for the weekend or long distance hiker. Though I haven't used this pack on the trail yet, I'm impressed by the roominess and quality of the materials. Top notch quality construction. This pack is a huge improvement on the pack I used to carry. The Boreas is amazingly light. Can't wait to hit the AT when Spring arrives. Full review

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Boreas makes simple outdoor equipment, including a new line of technical packs in Spring 2011.


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