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Brunton Aluminum Water Bottle

photo: Brunton Aluminum Water Bottle water bottle


Price MSRP: $16.00
Historic Range: $6.95-$13.75
Reviewers Paid: $4.00-$13.00
Capacity 0.6 L
Construction Material Aluminum, Epoxy-coated interior


2 reviews
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Lighter and more durable than a Nalgene, as well as taste free, this attractively finished water bottle is a better insulator than my plastic bottles and includes a carabiner for attaching to packs or straps. I highly recommend this bottle as an alternative to the run of the mill 1 liter bottles you can get anywhere, but with the standardized opening to do anything they can do. Highly recommended.


  • Impeccable quality, finish, and aesthetics
  • lightweight and durable
  • equipped with a carabiner for easy attachment
  • standardized opening and cap allows for use of filters


  • dents easily
  • no internal markers for measurement

It's a water bottle, so not much else to say that hasn't been said above. While it does dent, the aluminum will not crack on impact like a plastic bottle.

The attractive finish matches well with hardware for climbing, like carabiners, cams, etc. At 5.8 ounces, it is plenty light and has an epoxy coating on the inside that can handle just about any form of liquid, even acidic juices or alcohol.

The Brunton bottle can take all of the accessories that are compatible with a Nalgene except for a standard Nalgene splashguard. /p>

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $4

My wife has been using one of these since Valentines Day and loves it. I just began to use them in the last 3 months.

The bottle weighs less than the average Nalgene bottle. It is also tougher; the aluminum will dent, but takes much more force to breach than the plastic. The mouth is the same size as the average Nalgene bottle, so it accepts any accessories that a Nalgene does.

One drawback for me is I like to screw my water filter directly to the top of the bottle and pump water into the bottle. Although I can do this with the Brunton bottle, I cant see through the bottle to know when it is full.

All in all, I like the bottle better than a Nalgene, and will continue to use it in the future.

Price Paid: $13

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