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photo: Bushbuddy  wood stove


Price Historic Range: $119.95-$134.95
Reviewers Paid: $95.00


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Excellent stove. But, remember, wood burning stove takes patience. Fuel needs to be gathered. Easiest lit when fire starters are used. It is not easy to get a lighted match to tinder at the bottom.

Advantages: not a lot of fuel (ie. sticks) is needed. Water can be kept boiling for as long as you have wood to burn. Packs easily because it can be nested into a pot. Can be found at Backpacking

Arguably the best wood burning stove around...homepage is at The main difference between an Ultra and Standard is weight (5.1 vs 6.5ozs), probably thinner construction materials. I have the standard.

Major Likes:

Very portable and light...fits inside my Snow Peak Trek 900 titanium cookset with a Brasslite Turbo II-F alcohol stove inside the BB.

Burns a "free" renewable fuel...wood, twigs, dry leaves/grass etc and with efficiency too. Next time you're out for a walk, look under almost any tree and you'll see fuel!

Reasonably easy to use...can be a bit quirky at times thou.

Major Dislikes:

COST...maybe the highest for such a small wood burning stove...reason for not a 5 rating.

Leaves unprotected pots and pans quite sooty.

This is a personal thing but I just enjoy cooking over the BB...tendering the fire, dancing flames, jet gases burning...just enjoyable to me.

Price Paid: $95

R. Gordon Jones

I would say the major difference between the stoves is the material they are made of. The standard Trekker version is made of stainless steel while the lighter version is made of titanium. The stove is now made by Nomadic Stoves I believe. I haven tried a Nomadic Ultra yet but I have one on order and will review it when it shows up.

5 years ago

as a cook who desires a second burner but not the extra weight of extra fuel canisters.

Price Paid: hey, it's ultralight

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