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Campingaz Twister 270

rated 3.5 of 5 stars


Price Historic Range: $17.00-$24.99
Reviewers Paid: $19.99-$21.50


4 reviews
5-star:   1
4-star:   2
3-star:   0
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1-star:   1

I really like this little stove. I bought one and took it camping with me this past summer in Wyoming. I wasn't planning to use it, but when I had a problem with my other camp stove, this one got used. I had the large Campingaz cartridges, so it was somewhat tall when set up, making it a little bit awkward to prepare larger three-person meals, but otherwise it was a pleasure to use.

One thing I would like to see is better instructions. I had to figure out how to attach it to the fuel canisters myself because the illustration provided didn't show enough detail.

As stated in another review, the pot supports are somewhat small for larger pans, and they don't lock in place. These are the features that make this stove lightweight and inexpensive, which is good for backpacking, but not so good for cooking for a crowd.

I was cooking for myself and my two kids, and the stove was somewhat wobbly with the larger pots and pans I was using to cook with. A couple of times, when cooking a pan of bacon, the pan slid off the supports and spilled grease on the table I was cooking on.

After the second time, I realized the stove had started to come loose from the fuel cartridge, so I tightened it back up, and it worked well from then on. For one or two person meals, it would work even better than it did for me.

Overall, this stove performed as well as expected. I didn't expect to use it as a substitute for my campstove, but it did so reasonably well considering this is a backpacking stove. In several days of camping, I didn't even use up one entire fuel cartridge, and this was with me cooking for three, and generally two meals a day, plus heating water for washing dishes.

For the price, this stove completely lived up to my expectations. As a small, lightweight stove, I can very easily recommend it for backpacking, and even as a backup for a camp stove, if needed.

Price Paid: $20

I've had one for several years and it has always been a steady performer. Very light, very reliable, very inexpensive. Canisters have been good as well. Best feature in my opinion is flame control. I try to combine a little fishing with my hikes and the combination of this little stove and a small titanium skillet works very well. I broke my first one after almost 10 years and immediately bought another.

Price Paid: $20

Excellent little stove for the price. Relatively lightweight, compact, and durable. Always lights up right away and is very low maintenance. Gets water to a boil in minutes, even without a windscreen. Would definitely recommend this stove to the cost-conscious hiker.

Price Paid: $19.99


The arms are too small for any reasonable size pans. They do not lock in the open position. The thing wobbles and we have to hold anything on top.

Price Paid: $21.50

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