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EBNS Enhanced Bed Net System

rated 5 of 5 stars This is one of the best buys for me this year. Five-minute setup, even in the dark! This is one of the best buys for me this year. Easy to set up even in the dark, light enough to take on weekend hikes. I have used it 5 times this year and it is tough. Just don't fold all the way down to the smallest size and try to use the bag. I did in the beginning and the poles started to splinter. Taped them up and just found a bigger carry bag that hangs off my pack and no problem since. Full review

EBNS Enhanced Bed Net System

rated 2 of 5 stars Looked like a great design to put on top of my cot to keep bugs off. It does this. I am six feet tall and due to the design of the ends, this setup is way too short for me. The hoops are great to open up but a real pain to fold back together. I purchased the fly but never used it. I really like Catoma's designs, but this one has a great idea but the average soldier these days must be really short. Waterproof problems and condensation already covered. Full review

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Catoma Outdoor designs and builds lightweight tents for backpacking and outdoor use.


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