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Chaco Z/2 Terreno

rated 2.00 of 5 stars

The Z/2 Terreno has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best sport sandals for 2023.

photo: Chaco Z/2 Terreno sport sandal

I've worn Teva basic water-type sandals for years - the ones with the velcro straps. So when my Tevas wore out I got some Chacos (mailordered) because they looked like a heavy duty version of my old Tevas. Especially with that Vibram sole.

I got these sandals intending to use them for normal walking around, hiking, maybe some easy backpacks and the rare watersport.

After I got the Chacos I discovered that my size 10s weighed 40 ounces - nearly the weight of a light boot! Chaco specified a weight of 20 oz. I guess they didn't know the convention is for a pair of shoes. Actually I believe they followed the long standing, common tradition among gear makers and simply misrepresented the weight of their product. The weight is an issue for me as I have nerve damage in one foot, with greatly reduced function. The dang sandal is so heavy it causes my foot to drag a bit.

OTOH, the vibram sole looks like it came right off an old style Norwegian welt boot, so it is a tough sole. It's just too heavy for me.

Chaco learned their lesson and cut the weight of their next generation sandal by about 20% (claimed). The weight reduction was achieved entirely in the sole. So bye bye fancy Vibram sole.

Aside from the sole, the strapping system is problematic. No matter how I adjust the continuous multi-pass strap, it always tightens up as I walk and tends to strangle my big toe (these are the Z2s I'm reviewing). Toe-choke aside, the big toe strap also rubs me raw. I believe this is a not-uncommon experience with the Z2 Chacos. So, I need a Z1 without the toe choker - that might work for me.

Finally the pulled-up strap hangs down too long and drags along the ground. So then you have to either tuck it in (rubs you), cut it off (then it's too short to remove the sandal without it pulling out of buckle) or just live with it (gets dirty, abrasion damage).

Basically I hardly used these sandals for all the reasons above.

I'm going back to Tevas because:

1. velcro straps give me a better fit (one that doesn't change as I walk),

2. Tevas weighs 50% less than the newer trimmed down Chaco

3. Tevas cost half as much, so even though their sole is softer and wears faster, it's a wash since I can buy them twice as often.

Price Paid: 70 usd

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