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Clark NX-250

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

Clark is no longer in business, and the NX-250 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best hammocks for 2024.

photo: Clark NX-250 hammock

It does not get any better than this. Great features, great quality. A very well thought out piece of kit. The top of the line 4-season hammock. I will be using this next winter on a (hopefully) 40 below zero wind chill trip in Canada, with complete confidence. I wish this had been my starter hammock.


  • Best of class bag net removable and storable from the hammock
  • Instantly deployable water resistant weather cover for the hammock top adds much warmth
  • Convienent large storage pockets under the hammock


  • Factory suspension made for safety (a Pro) but not the lightest or easiest to use

I have wanted one of these for quite a while. After all, this is generally recognized as the very best there is.

The built-in bug net stops even the smallest no see'ems during the buggy times or stores in the built-in storage area when not needed. Get in or out on either side because of the full length zippers.

The weather shield completely encloses the top of the hammock with water resistant material. This makes the hammock much warmer, but you will need to be conscious of condensation. I leave the weather shield unzipped just a bit directly above my head (hot moist air rises.) Go to sleep staring at the stars through the bug net and when the unexpected cold front rolls in, deploy the weather shield without having to get out of the hammock from it's convenient storage pouch.

The built in under the hammock storage pockets are easy to get into from the hammock. The optional Z liner under hammock insulation add about 20 degrees of warmth and can be left in the hammock or removed when ever necessary.

In addition to the Z liner under hammock insulation, I use a Klymit Insulated Static V pad, which has an R value of around 4.6. This gives me the option of going to ground but should keep my underside warm easily to around zero degrees F in my Big Agnes zero degree bag in this hammock.

Spacious is the best way to describe the feeling of roominess in this hammock. There are some smaller storage pocket and a great grab handle at the head end that make it easy to pull yourself up if you slide down in the hammock (why doesn't everyone have this?) The handle is a great place to attached a stuff sack to hold any essentials. 

The design does not require a ridgeline which makes it easier to get in and out of; but there are provisions for you to string a ridge line inside for hanging storage pouches, hanging your headlamp for reading, etc.

This hammock is a definite keeper.

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $500 with many extras (list of about $800)

Best all weather hammock you can buy. Honest. I own one. Best ever. Bought the NX-250. 439 bucks for a hammock? Are you kidding me? Worth every penny!


  • Setup
  • Stability
  • 4-season
  • Comfort
  • Take down
  • Made well
  • Your friends will be envious


  • Price ....but worth it

Researched for two months. Decided this was the one for me. Still reluctant I called Clark and the guy I talked to answered every question and concern. 439 bucks later.... I would do it all over again. Have tested it 4 times and love it. Looking forward to my winter camping trips.

As of right now I will never use a tent. It's expensive ... price does not include a/c for summer ... but worth it!

*UPDATE 9/13*
Went on a two-day flying/camping trip out in the Sawtooth mountain range in central Idaho. We stayed a total of 3 days and 2 nights.

During the first night it was only supposed to get as low as 42 degrees. Yeah that didn't happen. Woke up to frost and a very cold temperature of 28-32 degrees at the lowest points.

Clark states the NX series with the under pocket system is good down to 32 degree's with a decent bag.

I would say this is mostly true.

My setup consisted of a

It wasn't very cold at night and I thought maybe since the Lamina was so warm I'd be good in a pair of boxers. Yeah my stupidity there :)

So the next morning we flew out to Mcall to pick a few things up. I ended up buying some cheap little 40 degree bag for 30 bucks.

What a game changer! The next night my system consisted of a pair of light sleep pants, my cheap 30 dollar bag under my body inside hammock, my Lamina on top of it with me in it and I slept as snug as a bug. I was very warm and not once uncomfortable. Slept through the entire night and woke up very rested and happy.

I know the cost of an underquilt is a big setback for cold weather hammock camping, but if you have an extra sleeping bag laying around, try just using it as a base layer inside the hammock and you should probably be very comfortable.

All in all I was very happy with another experience in my NX-250 and would not hesitate to buy one again.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $439

Fantastic and innovative product.


  • Weight reduction, a lot less to carry
  • Comfort
  • Performs like they said it would
  • Storage pockets


  • Needs tree strap and carabiners
  • Little larger tarp

I have the NX-250 with their largest tarp and hoop poles. I love it.

Made area change to it that really helped. Took out rope and put in climbing loops with carabiners and tree straps from ENO. Goes up in less than a minute and carabiners do better job stopping water running down straps.

Tarp would be better if it was about one foot longer and two foot wider, but it is unbeatable like it is. Hoop poles just a bonus.

Goose, hope these help. I didn't put up tarp and forgot to take pictures of original rope and rain rings but you can see my changes with carabiners, climbing loops (or whatever they call these things) and tree straps. No more slippage or rope stretch, and tensioning much easier.





















Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $500 with rain rings and larger tarp

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Price MSRP: $429.00
Reviewers Paid: $439.00-$500.00
Type Solo
Climate 4-season
Packing Weight 3 lb 12 oz / 1.70 kg
Packing Size 16 x 8 x 6 in. / 40 x 20 x 15 cm
Safety/Comfort Weight Limit 300 lb / 136 kg
Maximum Weight Limit 700 lb / 318 kg

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