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Insulated Air Core Ultra

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Ditto! Coincidence? I've had an almost identical experience as Charles Brodeur (reviewer, above) reported:  Undetectable leak; warranty replacement.  Several years in storage.  Replacement pad developed a leak after two nights; this tiny leak detected at fabric-plastic joint at old style brass valve. I was advised to "Goop" it (silicone sealer) and, if that didn't seal the leak satisfactorily, to return it for a second replacement. Very cooperative CS. (I have not tried the Goop treatment yet.) … Full review

Insulated Air Core Ultra

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Does not seem as heavy material as original Q-Core. I had the older model Q-Core and while it took a bit to inflate, it was a very nice sleeping platform and served me well until leaks started for some reason. The first product was returned to REI after a failure of the valve that occurred during a fire camp in Washington state. It made some tough sleeping for the two weeks on that wildland fire. I deploy several times a year and sleep is pretty important after working 15 hours straight. I repaired… Full review

Fly Creek UL1

rated 4 of 5 stars The lightest tent I've ever owned. I used mine several times and found that though it's light, it didn't afford the room and access I like, so I sold it. Full review

Insulated Air Core Ultra

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Third time's the charm? Time will tell. I received this new model under warranty replacement. I had originally purchased one of the prior model that's a mute dark purple. It held air for about a week before it started to leak slowly. Within a few more days it would deflate in a matter of hours without laying on it. After doing leak testing and not finding the culprit I sent it to BA for repair and they promptly replaced it with a new one of the same. It was worse. Testing it at home it started slowly… Full review

Copper Spur UL2

rated 5 of 5 stars Two is really one. I have the two-person and really it is only comfortable with one person. Glad I did not buy the one-person. Handy little tent, been in several drenching rains/hail and has kept me dry. It is interesting in that the vestibule does have some sag in it, will hold a small puddle no matter how tight the pegs are, and the zipper while it has not failed me, seems frail. Great piece of kit. I have used on several wildland fire deployments. I have had great luck with Big Agnes products. Full review

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