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Coghlan's Aluminum Pot Holder

photo: Coghlan's Aluminum Pot Holder kitchen accessory


Price Historic Range: $2.79-$4.95
Reviewers Paid: $5.00
Length 5 1/4 in / 13.3 cm


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This thing is complete TRASH. I bought this product to replace the cheap gripper that came with my MSR Alpine Pot set. This thing didn't even make it out of my house test before it was trashed.


  • It looks good in pictures?


  • Bad design
  • Gritty finish
  • Will not do the task it was specifically made for

I decided to buy the SS MSR Alpine 2 pot set instead of springing for one of the handled sets in order to save some weight and complication. The package came with a cheap aluminum pot holder with holes drilled in it which I did not like the feel of. So I decided to buy the Coghlan's model pot gripper to replace it.

The coghlan's model is TERRIBLE. When I took it out of the packaging I noticed that the rivet (the only piece holding the contraption together) was partially broken and barely holding the two pieces together. I could have easily slid out the axle all together with a tap.

The aluminum was not brushed smooth like it shows in the picture. It was more of a bumpy gritty type finish which was no more comfortable than the one I already had. I tried picking up my pots with it, but it can't even do THAT right!

There is a circular rim around the pots which prevents the grippers from making a good contact with the sides. And the gripping surfaces are so flat and thin that they dig into the pots leaving permanent indents each time you grip the pot.

I guess I will be sticking with the MSR gripper that came with my pots until I find a better product. I really want this set up to work.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: ~$5


That sounds terrible. Truthfully though how much did you expect from this brand?

8 years ago

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