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Coleman Bambusa

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Bambusa has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best warm weather synthetic sleeping bags for 2024.

I bought this bag at a mountaineering shop in Slovakia because my other bag got ripped off--long story. So I wasn't in a position to do a lot of research, and at the time had little money. We got a pair of these that zip together--nice if you stay with the girl who has the other one, useless once you break up--on clearance. I think they were display models.

I didn't expect to use the bag in more than summer conditions, but I've camped with it many nights in early spring/fall conditions (lows in the mid 30s F). At those temps, you *definitely* need to be layered inside the bag. In normal summer temps (say, lows in the 50s) it's fine. It packs extremely small, and if you get it soaked, it dries out even more quickly than most synth bags because of its thinness.

I tend to sleep cold, but I still pack this bag on most of my camping trips because of its ridiculous small packsize and the fact that it's "warm enough". I'm not hardcore, if it's below freezing I don't want to sleep outside. I'd happily buy another one.

Design: mummy
Fill: Dupont thermolite micro
Temperature Rating: 0 - +10 C
Weight: .85 kg according to Coleman
Price Paid: ??? $30??

It is great for three-season camping and packs down small enough to fit on a bike rack.


  • Warmth to weight
  • Pack size


  • Not really sure

I bought mine years ago and have camped with it several times. I found it to be great for fitting on my bike pannier rack with my bike packing tent and inflatable mattress.

For comfort in extreme cold, I've bought a silk liner to add another season rating, but haven't needed to use it...yet.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: I can't remember, probably around £30 to £40

Absolute rubbish. The only good thing about this bag is its ability to pack down very, very small.

The Temperature Rating guide is an absolute joke with the stated high of 7 degrees and a low of 0 degrees C being ludicrous.

This bag has not kept me warm with several layers of clothing on a mild night or even indoors (with central heating on) when used instead of a duvet or blanket.

I would rather carry the extra weight and size of a less expensive, warmer bag than have to "suffer" another sleepless night in this monstrosity.

It has totally spoiled an otherwise excellent trekking trip last Summer.

Design: Mummy
Fill: DuPont Micro
Temperature Rating: 0 degrees Celcius
Weight: 650 grams
Price Paid: £40

When weight and size are taken into consideration then this is an excellent product. Yes, there are warmer bags but they are generally heavier and less compact. So you pay your money and take your choice.

I got excited when I saw that the Hagloff LIM 50 was much lighter but then will it be as comfortable when the temperature drops?

I wouldn't know having not tried one but is it worth taking the risk in splashing out €100 prior to my bicycle trip to save a few grams weight and risk also being too cold in the middle of nowhere!

Design: mummy
Fill: Polyester
Temperature Rating: min 0
Weight: 0.850 kg
Price Paid: €35

I saw a review here stating this bag was useless and failed to keep the owner warm. I couldn't believe what I was reading!

My experience of this bag has been in several countries in varying climates and more often then not I've had to leave it slightly unzipped during spring/summer to avoid becoming too hot to sleep easily at night.

It's an excellent bag, that packs small and isn't too heavily priced.

Design: Mummy
Temperature Rating: 0 - 8 Celsius
Weight: 0.85Kg

-good sleeping bag for sumer en indoors heated rooms
-stores in a very small space
-not windproof keep away from wind
-not for people longer than 185cm
-a good invertment

Design: mummy
Fill: dupont thermolite micro
Temperature Rating: 8
Weight: 850
Price Paid: 70

i think the bag is very good. it could do with a liner though. when you first get into the bag it is feezing. but it warms up quickly.

Design: mummy
Fill: dupont

I found this bag to be fine (end of July in Snowdonia damp conditions) and had to unzip for a while during the night, nice and compact too.

Design: mummy
Fill: thermolite micro
Temperature Rating: 0-10oc
Weight: 0.85 k
Price Paid: £20

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