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Coleman Globe Wrap

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So people put covers over their BBQs, golf clubs, motorcycles, pools, etc., but rarely do I see people put covers over their lantern's globe, which is the second most common thing on your lantern to break on your trip, the mantles being the first (I am referring to accidental breakage and not malfunctions).

This Coleman Globe protector is a universal type cover and can be used on other lantern brands.


  • Durable
  • Easy to attach
  • Velcro enclosure


  • Not heat resistant
  • Not sure if Velcro will scratch globe


An easy remedy to protect your lantern's glass globe.

                                          The Coleman Globe Wrap

When I bring my fuel lanterns on a trip I always bring them either in a carrying case or the original box it came in. If your luck is anything like mine, your lantern breaks from human error just minutes after taking it out of its case  or minutes prior to putting it away. The two most common things that break on my lanterns from human error are the mantles and the glass globe.

As a child my parents use to bring me to the Catskill Mountains to a log cabin that my grandparents and family built off the side of a cliff on stilts. Whenever we would travel there, we would first stop off my grandparents' house and pick up one of their Coleman Lanterns. Gramps always had these lantern globes covered to protect the glass. 

Original packaging for the Coleman Globe Wrap.

On a trip to the Coleman Outlet, here in Riverhead, N.Y.,  I came across these Coleman Globe Wraps. Immediately the memories of my childhood surfaced, and I thought to myself why after all these years have I not covered the glass globes the way I was showed to.

Realize, back then even more so than now (some globes are now made from tempered glass), globes broke on a regular basis. I have even broken a globe once by simply letting go of the carrying chain only for it to swing down and crack the glass globe. This globe wrap will give added protection from scratches, nicks, and cracks from forming. 

The Coleman Globe Wrap  covering my Coleman Northern Nova Propane Lantern. 

I consider myself lucky with this purchase and I only wish I had bought more of them as currently my search for getting another one of these globe covers has only resulted in Vintage Auctions where they are going for almost $50. I can honestly say that I have not broken a single glass globe on the lanterns that I use this cover on.  Mantles on the other hand I have yet to find a solution to protecting them from falling apart.


If you can find one of these Coleman Globe Wraps at a decent price out there, whether from a Coleman outlet or your local garage sale, I urge you to buy one. It is probably worth it even if you don't own a lantern considering what they are being sold for in an auction house like Ebay.

Those that do own a lantern are much more likely to keep them as there is nothing worse then cracking your lantern's globe while on a trip and spending your vacation without proper lighting (well other then having your mattress pad springing a leak).

A cautionary note:  Wait 5 minutes after you turn off your lantern prior to covering your glass globe. These covers are only designed to protect your globe and they are not heat resistant.

About the Author:

I am an outdoorsman with over 40 years experience in camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and accidentally breaking things. I am also kind of a collector of both new and old camping gear and I have trained in repairing gear as well. I have camped and hiked  in the Adirondacks, Yosemite, Catskill Mountains, along stream banks  in Texas while canoeing, Bear Mountain, and Switzerland.


This Coleman Globe Wrap is the only one that I have ever owned. I have lantern cases that fit the entire lantern both hard and soft cases, but it seems it is when I remove the lanterns from their case that I end up having an accident. I have not yet had any of my lanterns glass globes break when using this cover.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $4.99

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