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Dalbello Il Moro T I.D. Ski Boot

photo: Dalbello Il Moro T I.D. Ski Boot alpine touring boot says:
Born in a top-secret lab hidden deep in the Italian Alps, the Il Moro T I. D. Ski Boot was developed in collaboration with Dalbello's pro team riders to give top athletes the performance they need to shred pants-wetting lines and scare the crap out of themselves in the park. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a diaper, but it's got everything else you need to take your game to the next level. Everything the Il Moro does is made possible by its three-piece Cabrio Design Architecture. By combing a stiff PU shell and cuff with a shock-absorbing polyamide tongue, Dalbello was able to give the Il Moro a smooth, progressive flex with that has plenty of backbone, so you can drive your skis hard without overpowering your boots. The progressive flex also works with a full-length Landing Gear anti-shock footbed to take the pain out of hard landings and minimize shin bang. Like a symphony, the Il Moro truly works because all its parts are operating in concert. The Dynalink Rearfoot Retention System, for example, uses an instep buckle that's linked to the medial (inside) ankle of the shell, rather than to the cuff, as is traditional. This provides bomber heel hold without interfering with the flex of the upper boot, since the instep closure isn't attached to the cuff. It also prevents distortion during flexion, so you never develop sloppy spots when consequences are high. There's also an inverted bottom buckle, which closes on top of the shell to force the foot down into the bootboard, increasing control and power transmission. Since the cuff offers such a carefully-crafted flex, it has a Double-Wide Park Trekker Cuff Buckle, which ratchets an extra-large plate down over the top of the cuff to prevent any loosening around the upper ankle. The heat-moldable wrap-style I. D. Thermo IL Moro Liner is designed to work with the Trekker Buckle to secure the leg with 360-degree support, unlike traditional tongue-style liners that tend to have dead spots when flexed in certain d...


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