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Dalbello KR 2 Lotus

photo: Dalbello KR 2 Lotus alpine touring boot says:
Used to be, to make a ladies' boot, the super-smart engineering "geniuses" would just hit a men's boot with a shrink ray and paint it pink. Good thinking, Einsteins--that's like handing out man-thongs at a free bikini giveaway. Fortunately, times have changed, and now companies like Dalbello are giving the hermanas the attention they deserve with boots like the KR 2 Lotus, which is specifically formed to fit the feet of a freeriding female. To achieve this, the Lotus has a narrower, lower-volume fit than Dalbello's men's boots, with a tapered rearfoot last, a higher instep and more roomy forefoot. The low-profile cuff with a lower rear spoiler are designed to fit women's calves without pinching, and the Countour 4 shell fit is designed to accommodate anatomical contours without needing a ton of shell punches to achieve a comfortable fit. Additionally, the Lotus comes with a Trufit Sport Lady liner, which is insanely comfy right out of the box, but can be heat-molded if you need to dial in the fit even more. With most Dalbellos, the conversation has to include the three-piece Cabrio Design Architecture, which uses a stiff polyurethane shell and cuff with a forgiving polyamide tongue to provide excellent foot retention while keeping the flex soft enough for lighter skiers to effectively drive their skis, not be driven by them. The Cabrio Architecture is complemented by the Dynalink Rearfoot Retention System at the instep buckle, which uses a buckle and plastic strap anchored at the ankle on both sides of the shell, locking the foot into place without affecting the flex of the cuff, giving a consistent, progressive flex and reducing shin bang when you're skiing hard or lapping the park.


Price Historic Range: $269.97


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