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220 Back Country Frame

rated 5 of 5 stars Excellent performance and clever modular design. I snowshoe almost every day in the winter and have used many different brands including Red Feather, Tubbs, Atlas, Crescent Moon, MSR, and an ancient pair of modified bear paws. Although I weigh 174 lbs., I almost always use snowshoes that are actually large enough to allow travel in deep snow conditions. In the relatively short time I've owned these modular Dion 220 shoes, I've been overwhelmingly impressed with their superb quality and performance,… Full review

121 Snowshoe

rated 5 of 5 stars Lightweight racing snowshoe. This is Dion's smallest snowshoe with only 121 square inch surface designed for lighter runners racing in snowshoe races. The snowshoe itself is an aluminum frame with a strong plastic membrane that provides the support on the snow. The shoe comes with a selection of bindings so it can be personalized or left with an adjustable binding so people with different size feet can share. The cleats are easily swapped from standard to long for deep snow to stainless steel… Full review

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