Dry Pak Flip Phone Case

photo: Dry Pak Flip Phone Case waterproof soft case
Outdoorplay says:
AquaPac Flip Phone Case - Protect your phone on the water or on the beach with this waterproof cell phone case. Designed specifically to protect clamshell phones, use your phone normally, the sound and signal pass right through the waterproof drybag material. The Aquapac Flip Phone Case is also PVC-Free! It is now made from Polyurethane (PU) making it 100% recyclable, thinner, flexible when it's cold, and much easier to operate equipment inside the cases. The foam-padded back provides extra protection and comfort. It will also float safely if dropped in the water. You can even take pictures and video footage through the optical-quality LENZFLEX material at the rear of the case. The Aquaclip is the key to all Aquapacs. This amazing little device seals the case with a simple twist of a lever. It has a V-groove in one half and a raised V on the other. When the levers on the male half are turned they run up a ramp


Price Historic Range: $9.93-$39.95


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