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Dutchware Stingerz

photo: Dutchware Stingerz hammock accessory


Price MSRP: $9.00
Reviewers Paid: $9.00
Weight 3.4 g


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Stingerz by Dutchware are the perfect tool for tensioning a tarp between two trees. This is one of those rare items deserving of a 5-star review!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use (even with gloves)
  • No knots


  • Wish the 'biner was slightly bigger (but this is a negligiable con)
  • Pricey

I have been searching for some time for a quick and easy way to set up my tarp, especially with cold, wet hands. I know my knots frontwards and back, but I also know the frustration of trying to tie or untie a knot in "Zing-It" cords with frozen fingers. A few popular-market items have proven to be unreliable in this area.

About a year ago, I first heard about Dutchware, a cottage industry manufacturer with a great reputation among hammock campers ( I started off with Dutch's titanium Ridgeline 'Biners. I was very happy with this product, but again, I found cold weather to be a challenge--the gate is hard to open wearing gloved hands.

Enter the Stingerz:

In what is conceivably the greatest invention in human history, Dutch added a small antenna to the original 'biner. That addition allows the user to leave the 'biner continually clipped onto the tarp, while taking the running end around the tree and back onto the antenna.

In cold weather I can still use very fine cord with my gloves on. Last weekend I took my tarp down with a windchill of °F without having to remove my gloves.

At 1/10th of an ounce, I don't even notice the "extra weight" on my tarp.

I had planned on shooting my own video on this product. I was out last weekend, started shooting an introduction, and then discovered I couldn't hold my camera phone and set the ridgeline at the same time. So here is Dutch's video demonstration:

In Dutch's demonstration, he clips into the tarp. As I mentioned, I mostly leave the Stingerz continually attached to the tarp, negating the need to open the gate.

He also clips into a nice, narrow D-ring. My tarp has wider woven-nylon tie-outs, which aren't quite so perfect to clip in. In this regard, I wish the Stingerz was a bit wider in the throat. It's not a big "con" to me—just a thought to play around with.

Also, Dutch demos his product with a line already spliced onto the eye of the Stingerz. I own so much Zing-It, I simply tied my own line onto the pair I own. If you don't own any Zing-It, then this is a nice option.

At $9 per Stingerz +s/h (add $5 per unit to have the line spliced onto it), this isn't the cheapest way to tension you tarp. However, the ease of use is well worth the price, especially in cold and wet conditions.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $9


Hey Alicia, I wanted to point out that Dutchware is all one word. That was probably my fault from when I did my 'biner review a few months ago.

8 years ago

Thanks, Goose! I've updated the brand. Thanks for sharing this review.

8 years ago

Let's see, this EXPENSIVE item needs ROPE to make it work and you must operate (wrap) the rope on the item a CERTAIN WAY.
If you just use a rope you still have to tie the rope in a certain way, and it doesn't cost any more money, What if you run out of those Expensive Items? Do you need buy and carry four, six, eight or more? Because you are using only the rope that you must have to work with anyway, you only have to tie a SIMPLE knot on the rope, it is called a Taut-Line Hitch. It is one of the BSA's Required knots for earning the Rank of Tenderfoot!

8 years ago

Yes, the taut-line hitch is THAT simple!

8 years ago

Pineapple, I'm not quite sure why this item upsets you so much? I'm review a piece of equipment that I really like. For the record I can tie a taunt-line hitch with my eyes closed. As a former Webelos Leader, I've taught that knot to many kids. What I can't do is untie a prussic in 1.75mm tarp line with gloves on.

8 years ago

Looks like a useful item. However, I like gear that has multiple uses. For tensioning a tarp, I use a prusik and a carabiner. I always have both, as carabiners and prusiks are always carried for setting up a z drag kit on my expeditions.

8 years ago

We use the Stingerz on both of our tarps. They make hanging a tarp fast and easier than anything else we have used. If you try them one time you will be hooked. I would give them 5 stars also.

8 years ago

I don't have this specific item, but do have the nite ize figure 9 carabiners. Which are essentially the same thing for all practical purposes. I love the ease of setup now. I leave the biners with rope on them attached to my tarp, so now just have to loop around a tree and tension. I too agree that knots arnt that hard, but when the weather is foul, or is bitterly cold and your wearing gloves the ease of use for these is very very nice.

8 years ago
Bill Joe Averitt

Thank you for your helpful review on this item!!!

8 years ago

Very cool. I've been using Dutchware ever since he started making the Dutch biner for hammocks. I use the stingerz connected to a Klemheist knot on the ridgeline of my tarp to cinch it up tight at the tag end.

6 years ago

What I still fail to understand is why would you need to untie a rope from a tarp or tent, in the first place?

Just use a simple, CHEAP 'drug-store' carabineer if you want a quick release and tie a knot.

6 years ago

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