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Hammock Accessories

The best hammock accessories, reviewed and curated by the Trailspace community. The latest review was added on June 28, 2022. Stores' prices and availability are updated daily.

Recent Hammock Accessory Reviews

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Hanging High Hammocks Soft Shackles

Hanging High Soft Shackles are soft carabiners made from 7/64” Amsteel (Dyneema) cords with a ridiculous 1,600lbs tensile strength for a measly 0.13oz (2g) weight per piece. They can be used to hang hammocks, attach stuff to backpacks, and various other ends. HHH Soft Shackles in red. They also come in Blue and Grey, and can be made in custom lengths as well. I came across Hanging High Hammocks (HHH) when searching for a Spectra/Dyneema fixed ridgeline to replace the flimsy bungee cord on my hammock/sock… Full review

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Dutchware Beetle Buckle

The Dutchware Beetle Buckle mounted on the strap of your choice makes for fast and easily adjusted connections to the continuous loops of your gathered end hammock. Even with a hammock on the end they can be easily moved up and down the strap, yet hold solidly in place exactly where you set them.   Two-part buckle separated for demo As you can see in the pic above, the Beetle Buckles are actually two tiny, unconnected bits of titanium. Together they create a connection point for a hammock that… Full review

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Dutchware Titanium Dutch Clip

The Dutch Clip functions in place of a carabiner for securing hammock suspensions. Zero moving parts to break and titanium of course to not break the scale.   Dutch Clip is simplicity The Dutch Clip really is as simple as it can be. This review won't take long to write or read, but stay for the video demo to see it in action. Basic Function: As usual, Dutch is doing his thing to turn titanium into time for hammock users. The Dutch Clip effectively replaces a carabiner when attaching a hammock suspension… Full review

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Sea to Summit Hammock Gear Sling

Gear slings are mini-hammocks that go underneath the hammock or hang from tree branches to store bags and other gear. A small, lightweight, and inexpensive camping/backpacking item that adds greatly to hammocking experience by offering convenience, comfort, and protection to equipment (from rain, wind, floods, animals, etc.). Introduction There are some outdoor items that you don’t know you need until you use them. Once you try it, a light pops on and suddenly it becomes indispensable. A hammock… Full review

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Onewind Underquilt Protector and Hammock Double Skin

Onewind UQP (Under Quilt Protector) adds extra protection (as the name implies) to underquilts, from condensation, rain splash, dew. When used as a hammock second layer, it blocks some warmth-robbing wind and helps keep a little more warmth in. It’s simple, lightweight and works as intended, and can even be used as groundsheet or gear/backpack cover in emergencies. Overall, a good four-season companion for hammockers and backpackers. Introduction I live in a tropical country so it’s rare that… Full review

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Arrowhead Equipment Tarp Stake Bag

Strong yet light bag for tent/tarp stake storage. Arrowhead Equipment's Tarp Stake Bag is perfect for keeping stakes together with a very minor weight penalty.   Arrowhead Equipment's Tarp Stake Bag is not complicated, so this won't be a long review, but I have found these bags to be very functional so wanted to share them here on Trailspace. Arrowhead Equipment is a small "cottage" business based in Idaho since 2009. Construction & Features:     Available in 8" or 10" sizes, the Tarp Stake… Full review

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Eagles Nest Outfitters Helios Ultralight Suspension System

The second lightest hammock suspension straps in my list, the first being Hummingbird’s Straps (50g lighter than the Helios’). ENO offers a great alternative to anyone looking into cutting weight and space without spending too much. Introduction  Hammock straps are supposed to be simple accessories. But since they support our weight while we’re resting or sleeping, there’s an important safety component involved here. Not long ago we had to resort mostly to adaptations made from p-cord with… Full review

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Hummingbird Hammocks Tree Straps+

These are the ultimate hammock tree straps for lightweight backpacking. Small, easy to use, ultralight, and reasonably priced. Hummingbird even sells replacement parts and extensions. Better used with Hummingbird's excellent hammocks, but work with any type, though most will require a carabiner. These are the lightest and most compact tree straps ever. As seen in the photo bellow, it’s more than 10oz (300g +) over my Hamaca Portable Style, which is the heaviest one I’ve used, I admit, but still… Full review

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Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp

Great tarp. Excellent weight, coverage, and ease of use. Best tarp I have found on the market considering weight and coverage. I’ve had this tarp for three years now and it has held up great. It comes with its own lines and has line tensioners on all lines. This makes it much easier to use with simple knots. It takes three stakes to set up. It can work as a ground tarp in a pinch using two trekking poles, though not ideal without trees. The tarp provides plenty of coverage and I’ve gone through… Full review