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MountainGoat Gear Mesh Tarp Storage Sleeves

photo: MountainGoat Gear Mesh Tarp Storage Sleeves hammock accessory


Price MSRP: $25.00
Reviewers Paid: $25.00


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Lightweight, excellent product for tarp storage and deployment.


  • Light
  • Allows tarp to dry
  • See through


  • No-seeum fragile
  • Only for tarp

MountainGoat Gear is a small cottage company consisting of a mother and occasionally daughter team that specialize in lightweight products like hammock and backpack accessories, and knitted hats. They're accessible via a web portal coop along with companies like Luke's Ultralite, ZPacks, Molly Mac, and several other popular cottage manufacturers.  

The address is and the site is definitely worth a look if you're someone like me who spends way too much time obsessing about the weight of my beanie, the stitching pattern on underquilts, or the merits of an eVent rain kilt.

My 11-ft mesh storage sleeves have been an essential part of my kit along with my Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber Tarp with doors. These sleeves are an upgrade from the heavier Hennesy Snake Skins that I used prior to pack either tarp or tarp and hammock.

Since I quickly became an underquilt user, the need for skins for the hammock went away, and the top priority became weight and permeability.  When packed wet I wanted something to allow my tarp to dry or at least shed water on the move, and the mesh sleeves fit the bill perfectly. Below is the closure system where they meet in the middle.

Mountain Goat's photos are the best so I'll use a few of them in the review. Operation is exceptionally simple. The tarp in skins fits in the large mesh pocket on the outside of the pack. I pick my trees, hang the tarp still in the sleeves, loosen the sleeves to deploy the tarp while leaving them attached at the ends. Packing up is simple. Unstake the tarp and move each sleeve towards the middle, it swallows the tarp easily. A MountainGoat photo showing the skins and tarp partially packed:

The MountainGoat Mesh Tarp Storage Sleeve is available in lengths of 10, 11, and 12 feet. Options include pockets on the ends of the skins to store your longest lines that affix to the trees or whatever you're hanging from.

The material is fragile so care must be taken when packing, especially if you have hardware attached to your tie outs, which I do not. The NoSeeum and stitching stretched a little at the larger middle openings when I first used it. I was a little concerned, but everything's held fine for over a year of constant use. Here it is on my setup on a cloudless night, ready to deploy in a second if rain comes:

And here they are opened with the tarp deployed and ready for rain. Pack up will take a few seconds:

Shipping was fairly fast, came in about a week I believe. I also purchased a double sided stuff sack in NoSeeum, it's bishop style that I use for a ditty bag. Very light and I can see into it. I'll be purchasing a ridge line organizer from the company shortly.

Quality of the work is good, and I'm glad there are companies out there like MountainGoat that make useful gear at a great price.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $25 US


Thanks for sharing this company with us, Andy.

5 years ago

Just the very thing for what I've been looking! Thanks for this.

5 years ago
Andy Gotto

Great company and product, I'm sure you'll be happy with these TigerFang!

5 years ago

Once again, thank you for a very helpful review. last time I used my HammockGear tarp (same that you have) I was thinking I could use a better/easier way to organize and stow it. I especially like the idea of having it pitched but out of the way for fair weather. Nice to support another small American business!

5 years ago
Andy Gotto

Thanks Lah! Where is your thru hike going to be, and are you taking a hammock?

5 years ago

Hi Andy, my goal is to hike the Te Araroa, NZ. Funny, I grew up in Colorado, began developing my backpacking skills in the Smokies/Hawaii, and then fate granted me 4 months tramping around NZ. This was where I really became hooked and so is a way to come full circle. I know there are many spaces in the US that are just as incredible but those two small islands hold such a special place in my heart. I am still experimenting with multiple shelter options, but given that particular trail (lots of tree-less areas), I will probably go with a tent. I would probably bring a hammock along on the AT.

5 years ago

Have had them a couple of years, custom made for using my tarp on a diagonal, made of mesh for some dry time, no issues - love 'em. Made in USA.


  • Fits over my tarp diagonally, so they are tapered, and have a good length


  • None

They do what they are supposed to at a fair price with great service.

I find it convenient to store my tarp inside the snake skins and they are ready to go for the next trip. Makes for an easy setup. Also, keeps the tarp out of the way on a nice starry night, and ready to drop down and stake in if needed.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: around $25


Welcome to Trailspace, Paul. It sounds like these are quite popular with their users.

5 years ago

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